1. News Show SP2 (module, not addon!)
  2. Saturday, 25 October 2014
I am using the News Show SP2 module for my website. I also purchased an extension called Lightbox Content Popup. The instructions for the lightbox popup extension are below. I'm wondering if it's possible to add the tags somewhere into the PHP of News Show SP2 so that every article that gets created will have the popup tags attached.

If it is possible and relatively easy, can you tell me which file(s) to modify and which lines if possible? Thanks!

Instructions from Popup Module:

Here is the syntax how to use it. Write the below code where you want to show the plugin.Below there are two syntaxs one for text and another for image.

e.g. {popart}Link|Click here|{21}|300,250{end-popart}
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You can try by overriding default.php file.


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