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  2. Tuesday, 24 December 2013
Please cancel my subscription. I downloaded the free Xeon template and have had nothing but problems getting it to work. The mega menu displays the menu items twice—once as text and then again in a colored box. Apparently, there is no documentation to explain this.

I have not downloaded any other templates or extensions.

Apparently, there is no support for Xeon since it does not appear on the forum menu.

A screen shot of my problem can be seen at:

click here
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Dear, we are really sorry for your inconvenience.

Xeon build by standard Helix-II template. I think something missing on your site. Just give me some time to solve your issue. Please, PM me your site access. You can see PM message box after my name.

Note: Today documentation will be publish and forum category created : http://www.joomshaper.com/forums/categories/xeon/listings
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For security reasons, we do not provide backend access to anyone. We have spent over 5 hours trying to get the Xeon template to work properly to no avail.

Please provide a refund within 48 hours, or we will initiate a chargeback on our account. We have not downloaded any commercial templates or extensions.

Thank you.
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Refund done.
Note: You did something wrong because thousands of our users are using our templates without any problem. So, the problem is from your end.
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