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  2. Monday, 26 November 2018

On the homepage of this site (an PageBuilder page) we have implemented the SP Simple Portfolio module.

When I set error reporting to Maximum I get PHP warnings with all 3 pictures.

What can be done about this?

Accepted Answer
Have you updated SP Simple Portfolio module and component ?
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Hi Paul,

No, at first I did not do this. The Joomla Extensions were all up to date according to the extensions manager.

So I checked both in Joomla (Extensions > Manage).
The component is version 1.6 (december 2015)
The module is version 1.5 (december 2014)

So I went to the extensions downloadsection here on this site and found both the component and module seems to have been updated early 2018.

I downloaded them both and installed them over de existing software.
This solves my issue; THANKS!

Only thing is, when I check Extensions > Manage again, both versions are now 1.6 BUT still shows very old version dates. Just to mention.

Thanks again!
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