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  2. Sunday, 16 August 2020
Hello to everybody!!!

First of all, my congratullations for your products... They are great!!!

After my installation of SP Page Builder Pro and the Hellix Framework Theme, I started to edit my site. But I'm having some problems managing this new work environment for me.

As you can see at the attached pictures, I encountered a difference between the content structure that I can see and navigate through the Main Menu, and the pages that I'm able to edit with SP Page Builder.

How can I add new content items that I have in my Joomla panel, to edit them with SPPB?

In addition, I've realised that when I edit the page HOME in SPPB, the changes affect to 2 pages of my web, because both of them are based on HOME... How can I edit these pages separately?

Thanks a lot!!!! :)
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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. You are using Helix & Page Builder. This is very clear. You have made a some pages and assigned to the menu. Besides, You can edit from the page builder. Now my question is that, do you wanna add your page builder inside the Joomla content area? Or Please capture a screencast video to make it more clear.

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