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  3. Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Every time I select Page Templates from library, it does not load. I just get spinning modal and then it stops and just stays blank on the page. Nothing loads up

I'm using Joomla 3.9.11 and SP Page Builder Pro 3.6.2
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Read: Support > Documentation > SP Page Builder > Getting Started > PHP configuration and "If you cannot load Page templates "
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Hey there,

If you cannot load Page Templates Or Sections Library, the issue might happen for two reasons:

1. Your server may have set too sensitive security level set, or
2. PHP file_get_contents() function has been disabled/locked
- in that case, please contact with hosting support.

** In most cases can be changed in php.ini or .htaccess file or ask Hosting support.

Check also below settings:

1. Turn on the allow_url_fopen from your hosting
2. Check the console error using inspect element from your browser
3. Turn off the rocket loader, if you use the SSL certificate
4. Go to the file location and check the com_sppagebuilder exist or not. If exist delete the folder.
5. Turn off the mod_security from your hosting server.
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