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  3. Thursday, 26 December 2019
So i've tried your non-profit template Giver and messaged the team back and forth and i still wasn't able to get anything working correctly. installed,uninstalled,installed,uninstalled and then installed,uninstalled
Should've downloaded, and replaced the placeholders with images and replaced the dummy text ....But anyways, I've finally decided to go another route. and now i'm running to familiar issues.

Using Pagebuilder:
I've imported the template (Charity) before i imported, it says 8 pages
when i downloaded it.
I only got 1 page, which is the home page
where are the other 7 pages?
kinda annoyed, that everything that i'm using i've got to constantly come to joomshaper and ask questions because something is not working as advertised or templates are not complete. i feel it should not have to be this way.

**please do not come back with a reply saying that i can recreate the missing pages.

I am so far behind on this project, it's pathetic....I just need it done

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Hi Dan,
Page Template(s) should be imported one by one.
It's not "IMPORT ALL".
video tutorial: https://youtu.be/aivjYHoUW28
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