1. SP Page Builder 1.x (not supported version)
  2. Tuesday, 23 June 2015
Hello to all !

The Page Builder Pro has his own Columns.

What we need ist this columns: 3/4+1/3 & 3/4+1/4

Is the somebody who can help us please ?
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Adding custom column configuration is not just a matter of changing some configuration files. It would require a lot of changes in the code, CSS customizations and adjustments and that is something that this support can't provide here
Any timeframe this would be implemented in the future?
This has been implemented in the last two versions of SP Page Builder
Oh :p
Would it be possible to edit the span of columns like its possible on helix framework templates, by setting the span "after" I make four columns and realize that one column can be thin and other needs to be wider?
You can change the column ratio whenever you want, even with the custom ratio applied

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