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  2. Tuesday, 03 October 2017
Dear Sir!

I installed Newskit on egyrolakettore.hu. You can one of see Owl Carousel on the bottom of the page.

I would like to know, what i have to do in case i want to change number of current displayed articles of Newskit Owl Carousel module?

I would like to change number 4 to 3 if it is complicate to change.


Daniel Kruller
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Hello there,

I understand what you need but there is no option to do this. You can only hide the entire article addon on a different device.

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Hi there,

It seems you are using Article Slider addon for this template. In this addon, we have an option to limit the number of articles to be shown. Please check attachment.

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Hello Shibbir!

Thanks for fast reply!

So i think i made a mistake and didn't understand me.

Now! On https://www.egyrolakettore.hu 's hompage you can see Article Headline and Article Slider addon as too.

The "Article Slider" addon show 1 article to view currently. You can click and see next one.
The "Article Headline" addon show 5 colums in a row. You click and slide 1 element away.

If i set 3 to limit thats show 3 colums, but width of column is the same. Cache is cleared.

I want to show 20 or more articles in that row, but currently only 3 colums, and if i click i want next one and next one. I see the width of column changed by Javascript Owl carousel file.

Question: What i have to change in it to display 3 colums if display is not mobile(1col) or tablet(2col)?

Thanks and Regards,
Daniel Kruller
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