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  2. Tuesday, 25 August 2020
Dear developers,

I made an override for items on my template (we use Helix Ultimate) to /templates/shaper_helixultimate/html/com_spsimpleportfolio/items.
I use unique item override too, this working, but items override not. I changed Zoom URL to thumbnail image, but nothing happened. Anything modify on file, nothing... :o

I attached my edited line, zoom is disabled now by css.

Why not see my override for Items? I have not any cache, or optimization on our website (https://ggabyart.com/art) while developing.
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Probably you forgot about this file there

it must be with default.php
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Sorry Paul, this trick not helped. :(
While item working, items not. I checked zoom link in source code, but link is original version.
I don't understand why not working my change. :(
I tried replace file in original folder, but nothing. Zoom link come from other place? I don't use any cache.
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In theory, it should be from this view : components\com_spsimpleportfolio\views\items\tmpl\default.php
if it's not overriden by template.

According to Support Policy - php support is not included in your membership here.
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