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  2. Sunday, 19 July 2015
i have problem with orderby section ,
first is when load the page , it's open !
second is when mouse over it, product goes down and then it open (it's not open over product)

atlast i want to know how can i add text for number of display ( like Sortby )?

link is :

best regards,
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Hi there,

Sorry but I am not sure I understand your question.

You said, that you have an issue with the "Order by section". I know many Joomla and its extensions have "order by" parameter, so what is the "section" you mentioned? Is it one of the "order by" parameters, helping web site owner to arrange how certain items are ordered on a front- or back-end page or it it something else? I screenshot with the "order by" that you are talking about would be much appreciated.


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