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I got a problem when I order something in my shop.

In the checkout after I type in the invoice address and the shipping address, I enter the art of payment. Like paypal. The I accept the terms and conditions. After that I get to my section to confirm the order. But in this moment the order goes in in my backend and it looks like it is paid. But I don't enter any payment option, like my paypal account or something.

So... The orders come in my backend and look like they are paid, but I would get no money from my customer..... Any help to fix this?

Look at my attachments.

Thank you in advance.
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Accepted Answer

This reply from J2store Author Romesh.

Here is the response any way:
It seems you have misunderstood the order status workflow.
When an order is placed, it is saved with status NEW, which means UNPAID.
If your order is paid, it will be marked as CONFIRMED.
Otherwise, once the customer is redirected to the payment gateway, we will not have any data in our hand. Because he has left the site. Besides, some of the payment gateways require you to register the order info and generate a token before redirecting the customer to the gateway (like iDeal). Without saving the order, it is not possible to generate the token and then retrieve the order after customer pays at the gateway.
So we have to save the order.
J2Store saves the order record with the status NEW. (You can change the wording New to Unpaid in j2store - localisation - order statuses if you need more clarity)
Failed / Incomplete orders is normally treated as abandoned orders and is used by the store owners for follow - ups. You can follow it up with the customers and convert.
There is also another scenario to consider. And it is a most important one.
Very rarely, the gateways might not send callback notifications (Example, when PayPal has issues with its servers). In those cases, deleting or not creating an order record would mean that the store is at a loss. At least if you have a record, you can cross-check with your gateway and manually confirm the order.
If you want to hide these orders in the frontend, you can do so.
Go to Joomla admin - j2store - configuration - order
Choose the statuses that could be shown to the customer's order history page.
Hope this helps."

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Hi there,

I have talked with the J2store author about this problem. Please contact the J2store support forum. They will help you. Becuase of that, we didn't use pro product inside the quickstart pack.

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