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I think it can be configured but can not find where. :o
I want only one sub menu to be visible and not the sub sub. So I only want one drop down ... but not another sub that goes to the right.

How can I achieve this?
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unfortunately but you have to use extra custom CSS to achieve it.
Here is tip:

1) add class name to sub-menu item under which you do not need anything more.
For example: hidebelow - in field Custom Class

2) Then use custom CSS

li.hidebelow .sp-dropdown.sp-dropdown-sub,
.sp-megamenu-parent .sp-dropdown .sp-dropdown-items .sp-has-child.hidebelow > a::after
{display: none !important;}

Yes, Helix Ultimate have Documentation where is described how to use custom css
Yes, above method work, tested at least 20x
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