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  2. Thursday, 28 September 2017

I would like to request some help with the responsiveness of the menu on different devices.
If you could be as kind as to tell what may be wrong or i can provide you with login details to the backend and you could inform what was wrong and how i could fix it.
Please find the images of the problem i am experiencing
Here is link to the site: https://www.sharepointsystems.co.za/

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Accepted Answer

Please follow the instruction to get the off-canvas menu in mobile and tablet device.


Find out this code from this menu.php file line on 31

<?php $this->helix3->loadMegaMenu('hidden-sm hidden-xs'); ?>

And Replace with this code

<?php $this->helix3->loadMegaMenu('hidden-md hidden-sm hidden-xs'); ?>

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