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  2. Monday, 13 April 2020
Hi, I am using:
Joomla! 3.9.16
SPPB Pro 3.72
OneClip 2.7 (I think)

Today, I downloaded OneClip Quickstart Pack (oneclip_quickstart_j3_v2.7.zip). Right after the installation, Joomla , SPPB Pro, and OneClip needed to be upgraded. Joomla and SPPB upgraded without any error. However OneClip's upgraded from 2.6 to 2.7 with a warning: OneClip jinstaller cannot find xml (see attached).

1. Why would the zip file name show 2.7 when it was actually 2.6?

2. How often your Quick Installers are updated?

3. How to fix the Warning? When I see the status, it shows version 2.7 (see the second attachment)

Thanks for answering all 3 questions
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Accepted Answer
If you have v2.7 you don't need to update, sometimes Joomla update system goes crazy, that's all
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ad 1) From here you can download v2.7
download & install

ad 2) It depends, the more old template is... then less often.
This was introduced a few years ago.

ad 3) look at 1)
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As I shared on the screenshot, Joomla admin shows 2.7 is there, even though I received that error.

So there is no button available to click and update update. So what are the steps to install?

Thank you
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