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  2. Monday, 10 August 2020
Hi there,

I have updated my website from newsedge template to the newsberg template. I've enabled the open graph feature from template options and provided my facebook app id. Now I'm facing a big problem when sharing an article on facebook:

1- When sharing an article from social icon, I got another article title (see the first screenshot).
Check this url please: https://wegzumislam.com/islam/missverstaendnisse/ueber-islam/1413-islam-und-idealismus

2- After sharing it on facebook, I got no image or I got alot of images with the wrong article title (see issue3.jpg). There is a mess in sharing.
I have checked it also from facebook sharing debugger, and I got an error in open graph (og:image) property is missing (see issue2.jpg)

Solutions I've tried to do:
- I tried to solve this issue with phoca open graph but no way, I got the same mess.
- I tried with tagz open graph, but I can't still using it, because it doesn't find the image in the article. I think the main issue is with image (og:image).

I hope you help me to solve this issue as quick as possible.

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The support team read my question and no one want to reply me?!!
Any help!!
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Any help!!!
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Thank you for nothing!
Bad Support
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Really sorry about your issue!
It is looking fine at my end, please see the attached screenshot here:

Best Regards
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