1. Barber
  2. Monday, 29 June 2020
In the Barber template the off canvas menu is not working correctly. It should only display on the phone and tablet but it showed on the desktop and not mobile. I put in a work around but now the menu on mobile displays everything. We are going to go live and have to have a mobile menu that works.
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Hi. Looks like your not the proper use of it. Go back to the default settings, then it will work.
You do not need to add offcanvas position in section. There should be only menu position.
In the navigation settings, select the Mega Menu. Then on the desktop will display the usual menu, and on the mobile will be displayed offcanvas menu.
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  2. Barber
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Judging by the code, your setup now looks like this. Right?


You must configure it so

And do not forget to turn off the hide on mobile in the menu column settings.

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  2. Barber
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Thank you, that fixed it for me. It is very much appreciated.
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You are wellcome
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