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  2. Thursday, 01 February 2018
The template is not fully responsive! As soon the resolution is a bit smaller not all will be displayed correctly.
The layout is inconsistent. Some boxes have borders, some not. Same with fields. Especially the pay later option is very hard to read. Everything is white fields are not visible.
I would like to have a more consistent design. All boxes with or without borders. Same for fields.
I do not like to override all the CSS a lot as it can cause many problems. Please see attached examples.
Please see slightly optimized layout. I am not a web designer, but I think some improvements can be done to make customization easier.
See my changes here Vistabonita Mazatlan
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Thanks for your query. Are you using the updated solidres extension ??
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yes I am using latest version of solidres, helix and resort templates.
all the screenshots are take on your demo site. I had already changed some css on my site but I found the same issues on the demo site.
As overwriting ccs can cause lot of problems, I kindly ask to fix the root. so that only minimal changes are necessary.
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When is this there a solution? Have the problem with the page of rooms and suits.
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