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  2. Sunday, 30 July 2017
After installing Glamour template I get a blank page in the front end.
I installed a fresh Joomla 3.7.4 with standard data.
Checked if it worked with template Beez3. Was OK.
Then installed template Glamour via the standard Joomla way. So [Extensions]-[Manage]-[Install].
Got no errors.
Checked it it works, got a blank page.
Changed the template Glamour back to Beez3.
Still got a blank page at the front-end.

What am I doing wrong?
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Found the bug.

Did a fresh install of Joomal 3.7.4 again.
Template Beez3 was working fine.

Then I installed the Glamour template.
Got a blank page at the front end.

Checked via [Extension]-[Manage]-[Manage] what was installed.
Saw that Helix3 - Ajax and System -Helix3 Framework was installed.

In the documentation I read that the Glamour template only works with Helix V2.
So I installed Helix V2.
Now I am able to manage the Glamour template at the backend and I do get a page on the frontend.

Request: apparently Helix3 is included in the Glamour template, please change it to Helix V2, or make the Glamour template work with Helix3.
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