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  3. Sunday, 09 August 2020

I have bought Developer (PRO) license , and using shaper_spectrum Kickstart template, I cannot set background in Column or Row Options, because there is not such option (as it is in other templates).
I tried to install SP PageBuilder manually once again, updated all the Extensions and Joomla (to 3.9.20), but without success.
I cannot also hide row in the page using "Disable Row (PRO)" and have message "This feature available on premium version".

Using other template kickstart (shaper_hope) everything is fine and working smoothly.

Please help with this issue.
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Follow up
There are more issues with this template.
1. I cannot edit page in FrontEnd Editor. It is displayed, but adding new addons is disabled.
2. When I try to add some addons in standard editor, page getting blank and all the content dissapear.
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