1. News Show SP2 (module, not addon!)
  2. Tuesday, 04 November 2014

I am using the News Show SP2 module in three places on the home page. The scroller works fine in the first (Latest News and Updates). When there are more than three articles, it works fine on the second (Spotlight on Brandon). However, on the third instance of the module at the bottom (Testimonials). It doesn't work. i have checked the settings and they seem correct. In fact, I duplicated the one of the working modules. It is in position bottom3. I checked in the template manager to make sure the template had the same settings and it does (sp_xhtml).

Any ideas or suggestions? I have am using your University Template. Thanks!

Screenshots attached show my module settings.
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Hi there,

I reproduced your issue on my local University Quick Start sandbox and referred it to our internal team for further investigation.



Our team will work on a temporary fix for you to overcome this issue and be able to position the "News Show" module at other positions. It's ETA is in about a week time, so please bear with us.

"University" next version will include that fix by default.


Great! Thank you!

Let me know once that's available. Thanks again!

Hi there,

I am not sure how we missed your issue from our radar. Apology. We will get back to your University/News Show SP2 issue shortly.



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