1. News Show SP1 (not supported)
  2. Tuesday, 01 April 2014
Hi there,
I have the original News Show Pro SP1 in my Shaper Phoenix template for Joomla 2.5 and have it set up to pull from a K2 category.

Everything is working except that the module will not show the thumbnail of the image in the article!
My site is here:
and you will find the News Show Pro SP1 module in the "right" position at the right side of the page.

Any help you could provide on this would be very much appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!
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please pm me admin access.
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go to administrator > K2 > Categories > 'select your cateogry' > in the right side you will get 'Item view options in category listings' tab > make 'image' show from radio button.

that's it.

- Thanks
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  2. News Show SP1 (not supported)
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I had already tried that and the "Image" radio button is already set to "show"."

As this was your suggestion I logged back in and went back to the category and set it so that it doesn't inherit any parameters from any other category and I went back through and re-selected all of the radio options.

Still not working.
What can you suggest?

P.S - I thought it might have just been a minor bug with SP1, so I created a News Show Pro SP2 module in the same position with similar display settings only to have it break my site!
Whenever SP2 is set to show in the "right" position, with an image thumbnail and other settings the same as what is on SP1 for that module, I lose my site front page and just get a white page with no errors.
If I turn the image option off in the module settings, I then only get the title of the article with a link at the top of my page, the rest is blank.
Had SP2 worked, then I would have just switched to it...
I have SP2 running to display all of those articles on my front page under the Slide Show, so I know the module/component is working...
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  2. News Show SP1 (not supported)
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