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  2. Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I would like to know if I can used all templates I downloaded so far on as many domains as I want, based on my subscription (07-30-2014 to 10-30-2014), since you changed this regulation recently?

Thank You
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Hi Igor,

Apology for keeping you waiting due to national holidays.

You are officially allowed to install on unlimited number of domains only our templates, that have been released before 1-st of October 2014.

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Hi Igor,

To install our templates on unlimited number of your/your clients' domains you must upgrade your "Personal" license to "Developer" license.

For more details, please have a look at my attached screenshot or visit our "Price changes for new club members" blog.

Hope this helps,

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No, you did not understand me.

This is what you (joomshaper team) stated there:

// beginning of your statements

"Important note: Your active membership period will remain the same finish time as you bought. If your club membership will end, and then decide to re-activate it at a later stage you will be charged the new, higher fee upon re-activation. Of course will still have discount for renew users."

"This will not impact on your subscription. You can keep using template lifetime for unlimited domains."

"Well, you can use all templates and extensions that you have for lifetime but after renewal of your plan you will no longer be permitted to use new products to unlimited domains."

// end of your statements

Conclusion is that I can use all templates that I downloaded during my subscription (07-30-2014, 10-30-2014 which is with free domain policy) and only if I reactived my subscription after it expired, my new subscription would fall under your new domain policy.

Am I right?

Thank you
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