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  2. Tuesday, 29 October 2013
i just bought the shaper neo template for Joomla 3.1.5 and installed on my hosting company at

The problem is if you visit the web adress it is not displaying as should be.
Please help me to resolv this problem.
You can check the server configuration at:
if you need credentials to log in to joomla admin or ftp let me know.
Best regards,

Later edit: 30-10-2013 5:35 AM
I've desinstalled the template, downloaded only the template from your website, installed, same result.
Please check what is wrong, and let me know if i have to send credentials with ftp and joomla admin

Later edit: 30-10-2013 7:00 AM
Still trying to figure what is wrong. Admin panel is working with no problem, changing to a default joomla template is working too.
I'll try to upload the files to another hosting company. I'll let you know
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Hi, Please PM your admin access.

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thank you very much for helping me, i saw everything is working now, i deleted only the conf file before i will reput the site online.
I just want to know what was the problem, because i tested the template on another hosting company and it was working ok.
There was the problem with the hosting company or error inside the template?
There is an updated version of this template now that i should redownload?
Thanks and i'm waiting for your reply
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Hi, I just install update helix v 1.9.7 and install update module like New Show Sp2

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