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  2. Thursday, 12 October 2017
There is a background and text "We are an Awesome Team of Digital Media Specialists" on this page that I cannot figure out where to edit or remove it. I've looked into the module, menu position, and the SP Page Builder "About us" page and it isn't there but when I go to the website it shows up.
The code on the website states:
<body class="site com-sppagebuilder view-page no-layout no-task itemid-531 en-gb ltr sticky-header layout-fluid has sub-image">
Website is located here: http://www.stantechstudios.com/index.php/about-us
Can anyone enlighten me please?

Thank you
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Thank you!!
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Hello there,

It comes from Helix Page Title tab from that menu. Check attachment.

Let me know if it's working for you.

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