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  2. Tuesday, 21 January 2020

I need to change some color of the header and first two element of thi template (look image)
How can I do this?
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ad2) About BG pink color. You have to use custom CSS to override bg color.

.com-content.view-article .article-header-wrap {background-color: white;}

about the content inside - those are demo articles, just create new ones.
You don't have to edit those. Because you have to also edit Rows (Row Options > Style > Background color) to change bg colors there.

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ad 1) Header gradient, override CSS using your own colors

.com-content.view-article .article-full-image::after {
mix-blend-mode: darken;
background: linear-gradient(46deg, #000 0%, #eee 100%) transparent;

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