1. Kidzy
  2. Wednesday, 10 January 2018
I have a lot of submenus and there are many more. Aussteller / Ausstellerverzeichnis


The problem:
For small screens (laptop) you can not scroll down. Is it possible to display a submenu 2-columns? Or do you have another solution.

I think the problem exists because of the "sticky header" but I really do not want to give up the "sticky header"

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Accepted Answer
Try insert the following code in the custom.css file

.sp-megamenu-parent .sp-dropdown.sp-dropdown-sub {
max-height: 80vh;
overflow: auto;

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  2. Kidzy
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Perfect!!!!!!! Many many thanks!!!!:D

- Nicole
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  2. Kidzy
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You are welcome :)
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  2. Kidzy
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