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  2. Monday, 25 May 2020
Hi support,

I have a mysterious change of the "Book now" Button (KONTAKT). On SPPB sites like


the size of this button is normal (fixter_button_normal-jpg)

But if I access e.g. a EasyBlog site like


The button is getting smaller with rounded edges (fixter_button_small.jpg).

What can I do?
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Accepted Answer
Please add this CSS to your template hope it will work:

.d-blocks a.sppb-btn {
border: none;
padding: 20px 33px;
font-size: 14px;
border-radius: 0;
text-transform: uppercase;
font-weight: 500;
letter-spacing: 1.75px;
-webkit-transition: 0.4s;
transition: 0.4s;
cursor: pointer;
position: relative;
z-index: 1;

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Thank you very much, this works fine. Best support ever :)
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You are most welcome. :) :)
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