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  2. Tuesday, 10 March 2020
my jce editor is not working in my backend alll of a sudden worked fine for a long time. when I try to toggle to editor it freezes. When i set in goblal configuration to Tiny MCE that works but I want the defaul editor to be JCE, its installed updated and has always worked til today?
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It's not our fault, ask JCE developer for advice.
Sometimes ... just uninstall, and install again may help.
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Hi Paul,
Thank you for the reply, I do understand its not your fault, I just thought it might have something to do with both editors being used together, JCE and SP page builder, as at the same time as I was using sp page to do frontend editing I lost the edit button on the top right. It took me a bit to find out how to get it back to continue to edit with sp.
I did unistall and reinstall but did not work.
I asked you guys as it they were both working fine they both at the same time gave me issues. This is my first time using sp page, the free one that came with the your template. As there is not much documentation on the free sp, I was not sure.
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The main question is ...
your JCE editor freeze in SPPB pages or/and also in articles?
For sure Ryan Demmer should help you.

I use JCE Pro with SPPB since the beginning and so far no freeze
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Thank you for the reply, but I have JCE working now if I edit from the frontend. but all along I was inside the actual article in the backend editing and its changed. But I can live with this now. thanks for the reply
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