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  2. Wednesday, 08 May 2019
Is it possible to create multiple templates based on OneClip? For example, I installed OneClip, but I have three clients who all want things slightly different. Can I simply duplicate the template and rename it for each client? Then, I can alter each template as needed?
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Thanks for your query. Since you have a developer plan so, you can create as many copy you want. There is no restriction in using the template for you.

But since you want to serve different clients that's why you may need separate server for them.

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Thank you for your reply Sifat. The sites for each client are tiny, so we will host all on the same server. I'm having an issue getting copies of the template to change the menu. For example:
Copy A has menu set to menu A and is default for site.
Copy B has menu set to menu B and is assigned to B's pages. However, B's pages won't load menu B even when set to B in template. It loads menu A.

I created a screenshots to explain issue.
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You actually can't do that. Since the main menu is set all the time for one template. You can check this tutorial about multilingual site creation and that'll give you an idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVwUcJAMKNc

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