1. News Show SP2 (module, not addon!)
  2. Friday, 27 July 2012
Hi, I can't seem to add more than one News Show SP2 on multiple tabs in SP Tabs. It only works if I just enable 1 NSSp2 module. Is this really the way it is? Only one NSSP2 in one page?
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You can use multiple News Show SP2. Go to module manager > click new > then select News Show Sp2 > Give it a title. This way several times you can.

After this go to Sp tab. From basic options press Ctrl button from keyboard and select your module. This you can show multiple News Show Sp2 or any other module in Sp tab.
Thanks for the reply.

I am able to add several NSSP2 modules into the SP Tabs but only one NSSP2 works. The one in the first tab works but the other ones only show the "more new" text and nothing else.

What could be the cause? Do the NSSP2 modules conflict with each other? I tried adding different ID's to the news modules but still only one works.

Thanks in advance for your reply.
Give you site link.
Here's the site: http://www.asinet-online.org/asi23/

I added 3 tabs all with NSSP2 modules. The first one is working ok, but nothing is displayed in the other 2.

Thanks for the help!
I think News Show Sp2 could not find the proper category. Please ensure this. After that it not work properly please PM your admin access.
I added another module called FeatCat that shows the same categories as NSSp2. All featcat modules are able to display the selected categories. NSSp2 is only able to display the same category on the first tab.

I will PM the admin password. Thanks for looking into this.
I just disable the animation from Article Layout. Now its working.
Thank you so very much for your help!!
We are very glad to help you.

Yea, we get there, but, ONLY the first onw works..... there is any solution beside taking away his animation????
because y want animation in all tabs....


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