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  2. Thursday, 19 February 2015
just yesterday I subscribed a plan an downloaded a template (One Page) for my new and first web site.

I also installed MAMP for Mac (virtual server) for creating the site.
Now, before I continue in site creation, I have a big doubt and problem:

When the site will be ready, how can I move it from my Mac anc local sistem MAMP to the root of my domain?

Please, if possible, a mini step by step... I've just little knowledge in this sector.

Thanks to everybody and sorry for my English (I'm italian)

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Hi there,

Your best way to transfer a Joomla web-site from your local MAMP server to a remote one is to create the site copy via Akeeba Backup Joomla extension, upload this copy archive onto your server, extract it and run this copy's installation as you would run a regular Joomla installaltion.

Please play with this handy tutorial at https://www.ostraining.com/blog/joomla/how-to-move-a-jomla-site-from-local-to-live-server to see more detailed instructions.


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