1. Medico
  2. Thursday, 26 April 2018
In medico quick install i can find only 4 presets.
Is it possible to use more than 4 like in the original helix template?

I would like to use 2 presets for switching between 2 custom styles.
And is it normal that the presetX.css files are permanently rewritten?


Accepted Answer
ad 1) In theory yes, but it request small code customization.
You have to edit file: options.xml from template folder.
Find there:

<preset name="preset4" label="Preset 4" default="#E33321">

copy 22 lines and paste below, with number 5, and different colors, as we have done in raw Helix Ultimate.

ad 2) indeed, they are overridden each time. You can try to add higher number instead.
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