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  2. Thursday, 23 February 2017
Ok, this is getting both ridicules and frustrating as not only are there new issues after the 1.9 update but I've got issues posted all over the forum and nothing is resolved and has been this way since last november when updating to 2.x. Now with the latest 1.9 helix update things are getting worse.

I use the slider script from Regularlabs for many things and have so for many years on our older j1.5 build. Your accordin script is worthless to me as it does not provide the basic functions of a true slider script.

Regular labs noted this;

It seems that the templates javascript caching is ignoring some scripts (k2, sliders, modals).
And is loading its cached script after it. The other 3 scripts need the jQuery script that is now loaded after it.

<script src="/media/k2/assets/js/k2.frontend.js?v2.7.1&sitepath=/" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/media/sliders/js/script.min.js?v=7.0.8.p" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/media/modals/js/script.min.js?v=9.0.6" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/cache/com_templates/templates/aqua/afb44d094aefa5a94f2a5445222f87cc.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

This is an issue caused by the template (Helix). You will need to ask them for a solution on this.

And don't tell me it's the template. Tried with shaper template, same results, tried complete new barebones build, same result. So what gives people!!!! Really getting not just frustrated, but seriously pissed off.!!!
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I have exactly the same problem. With all Helix templates, including Ultimate. Compress Javascript Files are set (by default) to not compress, that doesn't help.
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Hi Msimko, This has all been looked at, the slider/tabs scripts from regular labs is using the latest codes and we are using a number of optimization tools to fine tune the install. Pagespeed gives us averages well over 60 % of most sites, if fact we get high 80's with pagespeed, high 70's with yslow, load times under 3.5 secs and relative requests under 50. We use JCHOptimize and a few other tricks.
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Check your jquery versions. If your slider uses an older version of jquery, you'll get problems.
There are extensions that can help you work out the issues with jquery conflicts. See 'Simplify Your Web'. Then you can use one of the other optimizers rather than the one that comes with helix 3.
Or you can try updating your slider to a newer jquery. There are guys around that can do that.
Sometimes things just won't work together without some help. I know it's a kludge, but that sure beats trying to build all this from scratch.
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Tried that, no difference seen but makes my pagespeed rank drop almost 30 points, not good. Will send you pm with access.

I dropped the use of the pro slider script (lost my money there) because it will not work with page builder since 1.9 update. I also still have issues with the mega menu as stated many times in quite a few posts and still is not working rightly. I reproduce the same issue with the shaper template, so it's got to be something else. The menu problem is this,

Select any part of the menu, then select a sub-level link. Now select the top level link of the same part of the menu and you will see it does not respond. You can select any other part of the menu and it works.
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I think you have been facing issue with JavaScript compression feature I Helix which conflict with Regular labs plugins/script. I suggest you disable Javascript compress from Helix Template. Here is a screenshot where you will get that option. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-o6zaaB2sHOWkloZ3ozS3kybEE/view?usp=drivesdk]screenshot

After disabling compression, please remove browser cache and Joomla cache then checks. If this trick doesn't work, send me your site URL, Super Admin Access in personal message and let me check in deep.

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