1. Calcio
  2. Friday, 09 March 2018
Hello guys I have a times tested problem with all websites LOL :D :D Not enough menu space I need to place 2 more items in the main menu . I t looks like I have enough space but as soon as I place 1 more item in the main menu , bang it pushes 1 item below. I have tried to make the font smaller but it looks bad any way i can make the space between the items a little closer or can more space be given within the module section padding reduced ?

Here is the page look at the main menu. I looks like there is enough space


Also is there any way to add a few more pixels to the main component area?

Also I have changed the home page in the main menu but it does not change when I review the site ?

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Thanks for your query. Please check this screenshot https://prnt.sc/ios28n
Hope this'll help you.

-Best Regards
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