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  2. Saturday, 06 October 2012
Hi there,

a friend of mine acquired recently Crux template. Although the template is a great deal, I feel that there is some lack of documentation about it. Documentation so you get the result you bought, being that the Demo Crux.

So what I ask here today, since I looked at pretty much all the documentation available is about some modules/extensions I dont know.

I was looking here:

Home pages doubts, how to get:
- feature-top module,
- feature-right module,
- top1 and how to config it to get to ours social network pages,

Other pages:

Games pages (Category list), how to get the cats images to look like that. Im having issues where the page gets a white bar on top with the cat name. I think it looks ugly, and the children images are too small, etc.
Blog page, what menu link is that? UserPage?

And 1 issue about 1 Joomshaper extention. The Accordion one. Im having some issues with colors and layout, where the text is black on a black template. Im using it for FAQ.

You can check the state of the website here:


Thanks for all,
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We soon release an update of CRUX Documentation. Many many thanks to report us.

For accordion module text color, remove color from inline style of your text or css it.
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Still no update for CRUX Documentation? I have the same doubts as he does.

And where's the demo for Crux Template? It's offline.
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Hi Florence Frenick,
We are working for crux template. You know crux is a mega template. So, it takes bit time..........

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