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  2. Tuesday, 07 July 2020
Hi, a website which I'm creating in mobile mode puts some parts next to eachother and it should below eachother.
As you see in the pics below:
The contact form should be below the images.
The info should be below eachother.

url: http://comfixsolutions.net/dev/invest/index.php/te-koop/essen-schildershof-rustig-en-sfeervol-wonen

Any idea what the issue is? I've tried another template and it doesnt have it.
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Your osproperty component works in legacy mode.
Anyway, easy to solve:

1) Read Helix documentation on how to use custom CSS.
2) Inside custom.css file add following lines

@media (max-width: 780px) {
.row-fluid .span2,
.row-fluid .span3,
.row-fluid .span4,
.row-fluid .span5,
.row-fluid .span6,
.row-fluid .span7,
.row-fluid .span8 {width: 100% !important; float: none; margin-left:0px;}
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