1. Simplicity
  2. Wednesday, 19 December 2012
I am applying another language in my joomla site. In Portuguese, the menu appears normally, when I switch to the English menu option does not appear. Would you like some help to make it work.

piece of code (index.php)

<? php $ helix-> addFeature ('hornav') / * - Main Navigation - * /?>
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  2. Simplicity
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Good morning! I made the change mentioned by you. only in my case it did not work. From what I noticed in my case .. The menu is not added to any module, but a call is being made of it right in the template index.php. In my default language he is appearing normally, with all the effects that the template gives me, but when I added more language in my site and I click on it the menu does not appear.
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  2. Simplicity
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