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  2. Wednesday, 18 December 2019
good evening

I am unable to configure my home page, clicking on the home link in the menu generates the link

how to configure my menu to click on home it back to the home page ??

Oneclip Template

Address: http://www.amament.com.br

thank you
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It worked, Thank you very much, Good afternoon
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it was explained in template documentation. Read the part about Onepage links.
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Paul Frankowski good afternoon,

Could you help me, I left like this in the manual, the home link is working and smooth scrolling stopped working allowing the reader to jump smoothly to another place on the page.
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There extra trick which you have to do... sorry it was late for me too I forgot.
1) You need two homepages
2) The first one the REAL one, but in Menu options set as hidden in the menu, not visible.
Yes, it still must be published.
And no extra class here.

3) Add "fake" Home - Menu type: External link and put inside:
a) link to your homepage, domain name
b) use class name no-scroll as you did

As a result: people should see only one "Home" (3) which they will be able to click anytime to redirect to homepage
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