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  2. Thursday, 20 August 2020
Menu bar does not auto resize
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that's why you have to add custom CSS to fix it for smaller laptops & resolution. If you really need this.
Mobile [=] menu starts on a tablet and mobile view.
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How do I do that Paul? I am new to all of this.
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First tell me about what screen resolution we are talking about, without I cannot help.

The most popular are 1024, 1140, 1444, 1680px
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It does that glitch on 1920x1200

It works fine on 1920x1080

Hope that answers your question sir.
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but 1200px and 1080px is height, not width value. So no relation with menu.
Besides on your 1st screenshot browser screen looked smaller than 1920px.
As I can guess web design is not your main profession, right.

Anyway, below custom CSS* should help for smaller window size

@media (max-width: 1680px) {
.sp-megamenu-parent > li > a,
.sp-megamenu-parent > li > span {padding-right: 20px;font-size: 13px;text-transform: none;}
#sp-menu-right > .sp-column {height: auto;padding-top: 20px;}
#sp-menu-right {padding-right: 0; padding-left:5px;}
body.ltr .sp-megamenu-parent > li.sp-has-child > a::after,
body.ltr .sp-megamenu-parent > li.sp-has-child > span::after {margin-left: 5px;}

2) Please consider removing "Translendmortgage" from "Home" menu item title, no needed, and it only takes up a valuable place on the menu row (!)

*Read Template documentation to get to know how to use it.
** text-transform: none; - you can use or not, as you wish. BIG letters always take more place than smaller ones.
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