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  2. Melvin
  3. Thursday, 28 March 2019
My site: GROSS2.NET is under development.

Carousel Pro is used for images at the top of the Home Page. It is not detecting VIEWPORT. For instance,
on the LAPTOP it looks great. But the images are not being centered to fit the other viewports.

I don't believe this was a problem until the last week or 10 days. Could it be because of a PAGEBUILDER PRO update...or JOOMLA update?

I'm not sending any files, because you can view the site on-line with a smartphone, and tablet and rotate the device to see the effects.

Let me know if you'd like credentials to get into the site...

Best regards,
Robin Mitchell
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Thanks for your query. Please use this css into your custom css and that should solve the issue.

.sppb-carousel-inner div {
background-size: 100% 100% !important;
background-position: center !important;

Here is the custom css field https://prnt.sc/ijudw8

-Best Regards
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