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  2. Sunday, 02 August 2020
The default layout for the header is 5+2+5. I changed it to 4+4+4 because I wanted the logo to be larger, but now it's too big.

1. How do I set a max height to make the logo smaller while still using the 4+4+4 layout?
2. Is it possible for the logo to get smaller in the sticky header when the user starts to scroll (just as it adds a semi-transparent background to the header)?

Website: vine.carpenterwd.com
Accepted Answer
You may use the following code to set the height of the logo in your custom.css file:

#sp-logo .sp-column {
display: flex;
justify-content: center;
img.sp-default-logo.hidden-xs {
height: 80px;

And the following code may help you to set the height of the logo in the sticky header:

#sp-header.menu-fixed img.sp-default-logo.hidden-xs{
height: 70px;

You can play with the height value of the above code to suits your own choice!
Hope this helps!

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