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  2. Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Hi guys,

i'm implementing the Newskit template into an existing website with over 10.000 joomla and k2 articles, the template uses Featured image for all of it's modules, so i was wondering how can i batch import/add/assign the images in the current articles to this option?

I have phpmyadmin and i know my way around it, so was wondering if you already have a script or sql i could use to get what i need since opening 10.000 articles and assigning image to each one is not an option.

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Guys i cannot open 10.000 articles and manually add the helix blog image, please let me know how can i add the joomla intro image into this field with mysql or php script or whatever since you don't have it as option (btw i really thing you should consider having it as a standard option ,i'm sure i'm not the only developer using one of your templates on a existing website where the articles don't have the helix blog image option)
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Any info in this one?
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