1. Frederic Piton
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  3. Tuesday, 14 July 2020
Hi dear,

I lost the margin in th Lightbox template for the pages that call an article.

The <div> of the article place is empty and when I see the template live on your website, this div contains a itemprop="articleBody" declaration.

Please see for exemple :

Single article on my website

Single article on your live template

I don't change anything on the website since many month. Just do the update. I think it must comes from that ?

Can you please help ?

Thanks and best regards,

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Clear your Joomla and Browser cache after every update and then check
-Best regards
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Hi Mehtaz,

That's allready what I do, I try it again, and it dosn't change anything...

I do the very last Helix update -> any changes at all.


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Try this custom css

.view-article article.item{

Add this css code inside the custom.css file.
Note: Path towards custom CSS:
Click on your current default template name then choose Template Options.
Then find custom CSS within the custom code.
In Extensions>Template> Template Options > Custom Code > Custom CSS please add this
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Hi Mehtaz,

It could be a good idea, but it gives au Margin all arround the hole bloc --> So the picture has now a margin too.

I'm sure there's a problem with the Div opening the Article text with itemprop="articleBody" in the
<div itemprop="articleBody">

Why is that information desepear by my side : that the question. If it's possible to makes it come back, my problem is solved, cause the CSS allready exists for 'itemprop="articleBody"

div[itemprop="articleBody"] {
margin: 50px 0px 0px 0px;
padding: 0px 180px;

But without the [itemprop="articleBody"] in the div, my custom css doesn't work.

That's what I'm looking for : Hwo to get back itemprop="articleBody" in the DIV to get back this code :

<div itemprop="articleBody"> and not only <div> as it is now.


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Did you try your css in custom.css file?
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Well, the problem should comes from the last update of ''Google Structured Data''. I've contact Tassos, and then I write here futher answer for those who have the same issue.
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