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  2. Tuesday, 24 June 2014
I am using Extreme template with Helix version 1.9.9. In some computers Internet Explorer (tested with versions over 9) web browsers can´t show webpage correctly. In other web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome everything is fine. I know that IE is not the best one to use, but some of our visitors use it.

Template setting are in the three pictures named menu, menu1 etc.

Picture that describes the problem is in the picture named leht.

I would be grateful if you can give me advice what to do. Website URL is http://audru.edu.ee
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I have tested your url in IE 9 and IE 8. Website loading perfectly in both IE versions.
In IE8 some of the CSS 3 not working.

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Thank you for your reply. It is good to hear that you saw website perfectly.
It is very interesting that only some PC-s even with IE 11 doesn´t see website correctly. Maybe they use older flashplayer or java?

PS! Although I have tiny problems, I am very satisfied with Joomshaper Templates.
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