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  2. Sunday, 29 December 2019
So trying to install a new logo but it seems to adopt the size of the menu block, see here...


I have the settings in the template admin like this

I have cleared all the cache etc...and nothing has changed...
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Logo is inside column. And columns are in grid of the Row.
So to have bigger logo you have to increase width of logo column, and reduce menu column size.
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Ok thanks, got it..... however that makes fitting all the menu items on one line...

Any hints on the css for reducing the padding left and right on the menu items would be appreciated.? What I have tried hasnt worked so far...i really struggle with custom css all the time..especially on menu items.. ;)

#sp-main-menu ul.level-0 > li >a {
color: #FFFFFF !important;
font-size:14px !important;
padding-right: 5px !important;
padding-left: 5px !important; }
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Yes, it's how it works.
If you want to pack more people into car you have to use only slim persons :p
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