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  2. Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Hello there,

I want to add a login module to a pagebuilder page. So if I create a page that I can insert the login just like for example a "Contact Form".

Is that possible somehow?

The problem is, when I insert the default login module, only a symbol appears on the page. See screenshot 1+2.

How is it possible that I can insert the login field like on screenshot 3 and edit the text?

Many thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
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Accepted Answer
You have two options:
1) Install additional/alternative login module from Joomla Extension Directory and use it there
2) Follow those steps:
a) From Joomla package extract that file:: modules\mod_login\tmpl\default.php
b) Rename to classic.php
c) Upload file here : templates\shaper_NAME\html\mod_login\
d) Then in Login module settings (used in bottom) : Advanced tab > Layout > choose Classic
and remove all class names, if you have, from field "Module Class Suffix".

That's all. Is now all clear?

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it's because login module was overridden in that template.
That's why it use this same design as you have in top area.
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