2. Wednesday, 19 August 2020
Hi, I have created some lesson topics and lessons within. Once one enters a lesson, a lesson list appears below. All good.

After a few lessons, the next lesson appears lower and lower in the lesson list. So one has to scroll down each lesson to get to the next one. (I have rapid-fire short lessons, in fact they are tutorial steps, but many of them, up to over 100.

Question: is there a way to enable a Next-button (and perhaps a Back-one)? Right below the content of the lesson? Or does this need to be programmed, with overrides? I did not find anything in the options.

Many thanks and regards,


J 3.9.20
SP LMS 3.4.1.
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Hello Daniel,
Thank you for your question. This is not possible by default. You need to customize a lot.

- Best regards
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My workaround is a backward/forward link added to the description. I built an automated solution in Excel, e.g. if step 20, then a 20-1 and 20+1, then I put the links together automatically with &-connections of different cells, then uploading the table via Phpmyadmin. Works fine.

But it would really be nice as a standard feature that simply leverages the order list and then offers to add a button for backward and forward.


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