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  3. Friday, 10 April 2020
Running PageBuilder 3.7.2, Joomla 3.9.15, and Startup Landing Template. Lazy load will not turn off. I have it turned off in settings, but in the front when I load no images load at all and the lazyload class is there:


When I turned it back on in the backend the images still won't load:


I've tried clearing Joomla Cache, even though it's not turned on, opening and re-saving the page, and tried in FireFox and Chrome, same issue.
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I `var_dump`ed the LazyLoad config param, and it's detecting it as turned off:


But still it's trying to load the data through LazyLoad:


I've even tried disabling it in the code, I can't get it to stop.
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I'm having the same issue: Disabled Lazy Load in SP Page Builder settings. Butt all images have attribute loading="lazy". Some images are not shown.

How can I disable lazy load?
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