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  2. Monday, 27 July 2020
Hello, I am setting up a website that needs to Korean and am having an issue using the Language Switcher module. Both of the plugins, Laguage Code & Language filter are enabled. The extra language is active. When I setup the module no language options appear.
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but in general, do you know how multilanguage works in Joomla, I mean a separate menu for each language etc?


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I spent weeks on this issue. I share this with my heart. Basically, I narrated the steps for this video after I followed it to the letter. It still didn't work!
So I used multiple modules instead of multiple templates. Be advised: If you have menu's pointing to SP Pagebuilder Pages, don't be surprised when you get 404 errors. Just finish the Pagebuilder page before you point the menu to it. If you have to make changes to the page later, you have to remove the page from the menu item, clear the cache and then make your changes. It's a pain but I still recommend Joomshaper for web development.
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