1. Decora
  2. Wednesday, 01 July 2020
Hello Jooomshaper team, i am having an issue with a new website i have just started, i try to install the greek package in order to setup a multilanguage website but it doesn't let me, after a delay it leads to a
505 internal server error or

Invalid URL
Unable to find install package

Can i have some help solving this issue?
Accepted Answer
About the Greek Language for Joomla -- please ask on Greek Joomla Fanpage (FB) or http://www.joomla.gr/
We are not Joomla support to keep all language files. Probably it's a problem on joomla.org side. I cannot download too.
For sure it can be installed manually, also by FTP, if you have files. I guess somebody from your community (country) should have it. Or just copy from your different website. Always there is a way to solve it.
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Ok Paul thank you for your direction advice
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